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International Sauce  
Ros Thai Thai Sauce Authentic Thai Taste

Hoisin Sauce
Dipping sauce for barbecued duck and piglet.

Oyster with Abalone & Mushroom
Is capable of enhancing the flavor of many savory foods. It is often used as a topping for steamed vegetables.

French Salad Dressing
Served before or after the main dish as a seperate course.

Teriyaki Sauce
A Japanese cooking sauce for fish or meat which has been cut or sliced. It can be used as marinade.

Plum Sauce
Used as a dipping sauce with a variety of fried foods, crispy shrimp, chicken, fish, meat or fish ball and vegetables.

Tomato Ketchup
A popular condiment and is often used for chips, hamburger and grilled meats.

BBQ Sauce
Garnishes meat after cooking or during barbecuing, grilling and baking.

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